Bike measurements

Bike measurements

If you have an existing bike setup and you would like to find other bikes that can achieve the same setup, then you should choose “Measuring your: bike” on Step 1 of Advanced Bike Finder.
Selecting "Bike" in step 1
On Step 2, you will be asked to enter bike measurements:
Entering bike measurementsEntering bike measurements
(If you wish to get more information about the bike measurements we use, please read this guide.)
If you have selected XY measurements in the “Advanced Options”, the bike measurement screen will look like this:
Entering bar XY
After entering the bike measurements, select the preferences to tailor the results that will be shown (more details in the body measurements guide)
Clicking on one of the bike names will bring up the detailed results:
Bike finder resultsBike finder results
You can click on the bike image to view it in a larger size.
If you wish to alter the results shown, simply change the selection in the dropdowns then click the 'Update' button.
Refining search with additional preferencesRefining search with additional preferences
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