Helping us prioritise future development work - Feedback Hub

Helping us prioritise future development work - Feedback Hub

Velogic Studio is one of the few actively-developed professional bike fit systems on the market today. We've got a long list of new features we'd like to add, and things that we would like to improve.
We want to make sure that we're working on features that bring the most benefit to the most users, so we've added a "Feedback hub" where you can vote for the features that will have the biggest impact on your fit business.

To access the Feedback Hub, simply sign into and choose "Velogic Studio" from the product selector at the top of the page. You'll see a table of all the features that we're considering, or have planned, or are actively working on.

You can click on each item to read more about it, and you can also rate its importance to your business, along with any context as to how you would use it or why it's important (or how you would like it to work):

You can also submit a completely new idea using the + button at the bottom left.

The Feedback Hub is the externally-visible part of a larger service called ProductBoard which allows us to easily see, track and prioritise based on your feedback. We've integrated with ProductBoard so that there are no additional accounts to create or hoops to jump through - just click on a card and leave your feedback directly in the Feedback Hub.

Thanks for helping us continue to grow and improve!

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