Submitting performance data

Submitting performance data

If you're not getting the performance you expect out of Velogic Studio, a great first step is to submit some performance data to our support team.

If our support team asks you for performance data, here's what you should do:
  1. Sign into Velogic Studio as normal.
  2. Get to the place in the application where you're having performance problems. 
  3. Press the F12 key on your keyboard. This will open the "Tools" window.
The "Tools" window is really for internal use, so we haven't made it look nice! Sorry.
  1. Click on the "Performance" tab:

  2. Click the "Collect perfomance data" button. The first time you do this, it may take a few minutes to configure itself.
  3. Eventually you should see:
  4. Leaving the "Tools" window open (you can move it to a different screen or make it smaller), go back to Velogic Studio and do whatever task wasn't performing well (e.g. capturing, comparing video, generating a report).
  5. When you've done that task, come back to the Tools window and click "Stop collecting"
The performance data can be large - approximately 1MB per second of collection. If you don't have good internet connectivity, try to limit the time you collect performance data.
  1. After you click "Stop collecting", it will take several seconds to prepare the data for submission. When the data is ready, you will see:
  2. Click "Submit to support".
The data that is submitted is purely technical, telling us how long particular parts of Velogic Studio are taking to execute. It contains no user data, aside from your email address.

  1. When the data has been submitted (uploaded) to our servers, the performance tab will return to the initial mode, just showing the "Collect performance data" button.
    You can now close the Tools window.
Our support team will be notified of the file, and will analyse it and get in touch with you via email.
Thankyou for your help in making Velogic Studio awesome.

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