Release notes - Velogic Studio

Release notes - Velogic Studio

This section summarises bugs and features released to Velogic Studio users.
Note that new releases of Velogic Studio are automatically delivered to your computer. You can check the version number on the top-left of the Velogic Studio window; if it is less than the latest version number below, you can simply wait a few minutes (you should see "Update is pending" when it notices a new version is available), and then restart Velogic Studio to move to the new version.

v3.0.1854 on 2021-11-23

  1. [Feature] Introduce Crossfade and Morph visualisations of comparison images (docs)
  2. [Feature] Add ability to post a comparison image or video to Instagram (docs)
  3. [Feature] Add ability to manually set exposure time and gain (brightness) on Kinect camera (docs)
  4. [Feature] Italian translations - thanks Matteo!
  5. [Feature] When user mouses over fit log entry, show previous body metrics (with * afterwards, to make it clear that this isn't the current value):
  1. [Feature] Write exceptions to event log (docs)
  2. [Feature] Allow webcam to take up all available space in focus area on step 2
  1. [Fix] Body metrics digits sometimes appear truncated.
  2. [Fix] Report could not be produced if some images were missing
  3. [Fix] Fit log thumbnails are sometimes blank after reloading file
  4. [Fix] Show an error message, rather than restart, if an invalid fit.session file is opened
  5. [Fix] Prevent error when report is run before any fit log entries have been captured.
  6. [Fix] Don't force recalibration each time bike is measured

v3.0.1798 on 2021-10-05

  1. Add translations: Spanish (thanks Daniel) and Chinese (thanks Oliver)

v3.0.1795 on 2021-10-04

  1. Initial release of Velogic Studio (replacing 3D Motion)

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