Release notes - Velogic Studio

Release notes - Velogic Studio

This section summarises bugs and features released to Velogic Studio users.
Note that new releases of Velogic Studio are automatically delivered to your computer. You can check the version number on the top-left of the Velogic Studio window; if it is less than the latest version number below, you can simply wait a few minutes (you should see "Update is pending" when it notices a new version is available), and then restart Velogic Studio to move to the new version.
To help us prioritize future work, please participate in our feedback hub.

v3.0.2178 on 2023-02-16

  1. No new features, just reset out-of-date warning.

v3.0.2155 on 2022-11-23

  1. [Feature] Add Position Search and Advanced Search to Target Frames area on Measure window.

v3.0.2118 on 2022-11-17

  1. [Fix] Update some German language translations
  1. [Feature] Add "Force software render mode" setting to work around Intel Iris XE driver bugs

v3.0.2058 on 2022-10-02

  1. [Fix] Knee Travel Angle wasn't being shown in some circumstances
  1. [Feature] Added Expand and Collapse buttons at top of fit log grid, and replaced up/down icon with text
  2. [Feature] Add file association for .session files, so you can click on fit.session from Windows Explorer to open Velogic Studio into that fit
  3. [Feature] Added BikeFinder plugin, turned off by default for now
  4. [Feature] Updated Velometrik saddle pressure mat integration with mask editing, integrated image, numeric metrics, and inclusion in the report.

v3.0.1966 on 2022-07-24

  1. [Feature] Evaluate video encoders on Video Format tab (Settings window) and first-run of new installation
  2. [Feature] Added "support" tab to settings window, with setting for dump type on freeze
  3. [Feature] Send telemetry to bug reporting system (Sentry) to help performance tuning
  4. [Feature] If freeze is detected, ask user whether to restart
  5. [Fix] Fixes for slow memory leaks in dot detection
  6. [Fix] Fix issue with selection rectangle being tiny on new installs
  7. [Fix] Translations from English for recent strings
  8. [Fix] Updated some translations

v3.0.1945 on 2022-07-04

  1. [Feature] Use Microsoft Word to write fit report notes (documentation
  2. [Fix] Fix async issue in pipeline

v3.0.1942 on 2022-06-21

  1. [Fix] Fix slow memory leak (UnmanagedMemoryStream)
  1. [Fix] Fix slow memory leak (tasks) which may lead to application freeze restart

v3.0.1938 on 2022-06-19

  1. [Feature] Update Velometrik saddle pressure mat integration for new API (work in progress)
  1. [Fix] Show label on video rows in fit log
  2. [Fix] Prevent some false-positive application freeze restarts

v3.0.1929 on 2022-05-27

  1. [Feature] Add calibration button on quality indicators window, to make obvious when calibration is recommended.
  1. [Feature] Added ability to save a replay file during measurement & calibration
  2. [Feature] Slightly improved accuracy in measurement
  3. [Feature] Improved the detection of rotating bike rider to assess different side
  4. [Fix] Don't report sitting angle if bike side has changed (because bottom bracket will have moved)
  5. [Fix] Prevent some potential application freezes

v3.0.1912 on 2022-04-18

  1. [Fix] Morph wasn't working for specific images.

v3.0.1910 on 2022-03-30

  1. [Change] Alter the sign-in process to be more intuitive, with explicit option to use offline
  2. [Fix] Freeze occurring when there is a period of inactivity, or user locks & unlocks Windows session

v3.0.1901 on 2022-03-13

  1. [Feature] Check for free disk space when application starts, warn if less than 500MB available.
  2. [Feature] Added support for use of phone camera as a webcam (see the documentation page)
  3. [Change] Webcams are now added explicitly
  4. [Fix] Added support for more types of USB webcam 
  5. [Fix] Allow comparison of bike images from measurement
  6. [Fix] Allow "morph" visualisation between a recently captured image and an image from a previously saved fit.session file
  7. [Fix] Freeze related to opening a fit session on separate thread
  8. [Fix] Fixed a bug which could occasionally cause Velogic Studio to hang

v3.0.1892 on 2022-02-23

  1. [Fix] Prevent app from freezing if report takes a long time to run
  2. [Fix] If reopening a fit session is taking a while, show a progress spinner, and prevent from "freeze"ing if it takes more than 10 seconds.
  3. [Fix] Shorten Spanish text on report to avoid bike measurements being forced onto separate page
  4. [Fix] More translations for report, especially Spanish
  5. [Fix] Fix for report issues when fitter name is not set in settings. Report now works for Spanish users.
  6. [Fix] Webcam module works even if Windows can't provide device information for some cameras

v3.0.1873 on 2022-01-25

  1. [Fix] Revert to previous version due to a new issue with report, when store name is not set in settings.

v3.0.1872 on 2022-01-24

  1. [Fix] Fix for report issues when Spanish language is active

v3.0.1865 on 2021-12-23

  1. [Fix] Fix for a re-entrance on UI freeze checker.

v3.0.1864 on 2021-12-20

  1. [Fix] Fix for a freeze when closing a review window with video player.
  2. [Fix] Fix for a freeze related to displaying frames from Kinect camera.

v3.0.1862 on 2021-12-13

  1. [Fix] Knee track was flipped vertically; added docs for knee track

v3.0.1860 on 2021-12-07

  1. [Feature] Allow selection of resolution from webcam
  2. [Feature] Offer to automatically upload crash dump files when application restarts (docs)
  3. [Fix] Minimise false-positive UI freeze check restarts
  4. [Fix] More efficient integration with webcams
  5. [Fix] Memory leak in artifact review window
  6. [Fix] Add Step 1 (calibration) back to Measure wizard; still start on step 2 if have already calibrated.

v3.0.1854 on 2021-11-23

  1. [Feature] Introduce Crossfade and Morph visualisations of comparison images (docs)
  2. [Feature] Add ability to post a comparison image or video to Instagram (docs)
  3. [Feature] Add ability to manually set exposure time and gain (brightness) on Kinect camera (docs)
  4. [Feature] Italian translations - thanks Matteo!
  5. [Feature] When user mouses over fit log entry, show previous body metrics (with * afterwards, to make it clear that this isn't the current value):
  1. [Feature] Write exceptions to event log (docs)
  2. [Feature] Allow webcam to take up all available space in focus area on step 2
  1. [Fix] Body metrics digits sometimes appear truncated.
  2. [Fix] Report could not be produced if some images were missing
  3. [Fix] Fit log thumbnails are sometimes blank after reloading file
  4. [Fix] Show an error message, rather than restart, if an invalid fit.session file is opened
  5. [Fix] Prevent error when report is run before any fit log entries have been captured.
  6. [Fix] Don't force recalibration each time bike is measured

v3.0.1798 on 2021-10-05

  1. Add translations: Spanish (thanks Daniel) and Chinese (thanks Oliver)

v3.0.1795 on 2021-10-04

  1. Initial release of Velogic Studio (replacing 3D Motion)

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