Release Notes - Velogic Studio (Insider)

Release Notes - Velogic Studio (Insider)

These are the release notes for the Insider version of Velogic Studio.

v4.0.2464 on 2024-05-02

  1. Measurement and Calibration wizards now work better on all screen sizes, particularly smaller (laptop) screens
  2. Fix for crash when repeatedly switching between 3D and 2D views

v4.0.2461 on 2024-04-27

  1. Update translations to languages other than English
  2. Fix for blank lines/pages on bike measurements pages in report in Portuguese.

v4.0.2459 on 2024-04-19

  1. Fixed crash while mousing over capture

v4.0.2451 on 2024-04-11

  1. Added Calibration Review Step
  2. Added ability to Customise display of MOTION METRIQs
  3. Refined the calculation of knee max and min joint angles, to increase accuracy and robustness to outlier data points
  4. Fixed an issue where opening and continuing a v3 fit in v4 would not show metrics in the fit log grid

v4.0.2382 on 2024-01-06

  1. Reset this page for v4 release; see Velogic Studio v4: What's new, and how to transition from v3 (

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